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The Realm of Castlevania
This site contains reviews, codes, cheats, etc. This also includes artworks, games and all sorts of information related to Castlevania. The author of this site is also a fan of Castlevania.
Castlevania Wiki
Created and Sponsored by Wikipedia Foundation, this Encyclopedia site contains comprehensive information created by many fans and users about Castlevania, to games, music, characters, soundtracks, etc.
Serio's Castlevania Fighter Website
This the website where you can check out this 2D fighting game based on Castlevania Judgement, created by Serio. You can see and learn the controls to how you can play this game. And also, they have updates about the development of this. You can Download their demo versions and the patch this game free, only on your Personal Computer (not on your phone).
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Zaisukue -
Power Rangers Central - Database
Super Sentai
Tokusatsu Central
One Manga
Castlevania Logo Wiki

Succubus from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
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